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15 Reasons to Consider WordPress

1. Massive Adoption

25% of the web runs on WordPress. That means easy adoption, easy support.

2. Easy to Use

Leaps and bounds the most easy to use open source CMS on the market.

3. Extendable & Flexible

It’s lean out of the box, and endlessly extensible to accomplish what you need.

4. Secure

WordPress core has been tested within an inch of its life. It’s extremely secure when used properly.

5. Huge Talent Pool

Find talented agencies or staff easily.

6. Backward Compatible

Never fear a new version of WordPress. Unlike Drupal, WordPress ages gracefully.

7. Accessible

Your websites should be accessible to all. WordPress is a great foundation for 508 compliant work.

8. Scalable

Handles massive amounts of content, users, and traffic gracefully.

9. Multi-Lingual

Manage translations on single items or site-wide.

10. Multi-Site

WordPress can do so much more than a single site. Launch entire networks off one install.

11. Strong SEO

Gotta keep Google happy.

12. Media Management

Robust image management, easy embedding of any kind of media

13. Robust API

A full featured rest api lets you do anything you can imagine.

14. Own Your Data

Proprietary CMSs trap you and your data. Own your platform. Own your content.

15. Cost Friendly

Don’t be held hostage by expensive proprietary platforms.