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Ease Of Use

Your university’s digital tools and platforms have to handle myriad of different functions. Your staff is likely responsible for interfacing with any number of different systems on any given day. Multiply this complexity when you consider the vast number of contributors and turnover of student workers, graduate students, adjunct professors, and interns .

Ease of Adoption

As the backbone for 25% of the internet, the ubiquity of WordPress is a huge advantage. If your users have done any web publishing or management, odds are they’ve experienced WordPress’s administrative screens. This familiarity lowers the barrier to entry in onboarding new users. The result is less training overhead, and better content and execution.

Because of WordPress’s flexibility, you can leverage  this familiar administrative experience for any multitude of tools – if the admin experience of the website is the same as the digital signage is the same as the dining menu management is the same as the event calendar … you see where we’re going. By using a consistent admin platform for any number of applications – the speed and savviness of your users increases. We outline a variety of potential use cases that WordPress can excel at later in this document that highlight the opportunities for gained efficiency by consolidating around one admin experience.

WordPress’s large market share is often attributed to the ease with which users can adopt it and quickly get their work done. The nature of the large open source community ensures that all features are widely critiqued and tested before they’re included in the software. Beyond extensive testing – the reach of WordPress necessitates that it’s usable by a broad range of potential users – from the hyper digital to the digitally challenged.


Accessibility, which primarily includes support for text only and voice browsing, is an incredibly important consideration when evaluating digital platforms. Universities and colleges strive to be places where people of all backgrounds can achieve and contribute. WordPress has a core accessibility team that is dedicated to ensuring the platform meets the needs of all users. The WordPress project is a phenomenal basis to build a 508 compliant project. Auditing any project for 508 compliance and support is a good idea and should be planned and budgeted. WordPress makes that effort easy.

When you’re planning any project, your accessibility requirements should be considered early. While the WordPress admin experience has the benefit of a core team working on it all the time, how you implement WordPress (or any platform) will determine how most users experience your project. A poorly executed WordPress build will not win any accessibility awards. Due diligence by your organization, and your design and engineering partners, is essential to ensuring all people can access your hard work.

“UMWBlogs supports over 7,000 blogs and sites, with nearly 10,000 user accounts, on a single instance of WordPress Multisite.”

Curtiss Grymala @ UMW

Gone are the days of

“Well Julie was the only one who knew how to do that, and she graduated last semester.”


Beyond its ease of use, the open source nature of WordPress means that there are extensive resources already available when it comes to training and adoption.

Tools like WordPress.tv, WpSessions, WP101, Sidekick are all ready to be leveraged by your staff.

The extensibility of the WordPress dashboard has enabled us to quickly build custom support tools right into the interface. By recording custom help videos and walkthroughs AND making them always just a click away means that your training resources will actually get used. When planning your project, look for different touch points that help content could aid your users.

Training Resources

Tools like WordPress.tv, WpSessions, WP101, Sidekick are all ready to be leveraged by your staff. They all feature well crafted help content and tools that can make your training easier.