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What Can WordPress Do?

The practical applications for WordPress within your digital toolkit are numerous. While it makes a fantastic platform to build a website or blog, WordPress can be the backbone of much more, gaining you efficiency and flexibility to delight your users, your staff, and your budgets.

Your Website

The most obvious answer, and the most common use case that we see, is the management of your front facing website(s).

WordPress thrives as a content management platform, and maps to the needs of higher education extremely well. WordPress is flexible enough to help your large or small organization publish and manage the content that you need to share with current students, prospective, alumni, staff, and the broader community.

Newspapers & Magazines

WordPress thrives as a content management platform, and maps to the needs of higher education extremely well. WordPress is flexible enough to help your large or small organization publish and manage the content that you need to share with current students, prospective, alumni, staff, and the broader community.

Your investment in your news platform can range from lightweight to robust. MIT Sloan Management is an example of a feature rich news publishing platform. A paywall system and subscription management tool integrates with their fulfilment service. Because WordPress plays well with 3rd party apis, there is no end to the functionality you can build.

Harvard Law took both their daily news operation, and their quarterly alumni magazine online. The magazine brought unique challenges. The rise of long form content, or featured editorial content, is something that we see more and more as organizations look to publish online. WordPress excels as a content creation tool, and can be extended to achieve many of the story elements that we see in today’s long form editorials. Custom story elements are crafted and added to the WordPress publishing tools creating a rich editorial experience.

When planning your project, identify the kinds of unique elements that you want to publish including long form editorial, galleries, timelines, and more.

Digital Signage

By using the same platform as your news, website, or events management system, you’re able to share push content to your digital signage with ease.

With thousands of people wandering about campus, digital signage becomes increasingly important. Proprietary signage systems made available in the last 5 years are clunky, expensive, difficult to customize, and a pain to manage. WordPress is perfectly suited to manage digital signage across your campus. Smart TVs with internet access make for cost effective hardware connected to the wifi network that you already have running.

Cafeteria Management

Our cafeteria management systems built on WordPress power hundreds of large universities and enterprise organizations from Yale to Duke to Google.

Cafeteria Management may not be your first thought when it comes to WordPress. We’ve found that the content requirements for restaurants and cafeterias map well to WordPress’ strong suits. Manage multiple locations, publish menus, store and share nutritional information, and present that content online, and throughout digital signage on location.

This is a great example of a non-standard usage that benefits from the cost and time effective savings of WordPress as a platform.

Events Management & Calendaring

By using WordPress to manage your calendar and events, you get a streamlined integration and the ability to create interesting relationships and connections.

Enterprise organizations often feel like managing their calendars is an enterprise problem in and of itself. The tools you’ve all been using for years are themselves complicated and convoluted – and often come with price tags that are larger than your annual budget. Migrating away from closed proprietary systems, to a flexible and extensible platform like WordPress, can enable your organization to grow its reach in the community, increase engagement at events, and create new opportunities for students, staff, and alumni.

The content you generate for prospective students is much more valuable if it features the related events that speak to that audience. Your digital signage is much more valuable to the people walking around campus if it’s highlighting relevant event locations and descriptions.

Advanced event management tools are available as well. Sell tickets and manage check-ins, import and scrape events from other sources, run conference tracks, and embed live streams – WordPress enables a world of possibilities.

Blatant Marketing Plug

We’ve got a particular expertise in event management and organization calendaring due to our suite of related events products that power 300,000+ active websites including numerous schools and enterprise clients like Microsoft. If you have specific events related needs, lets us know! theeventscalendar.com

Course Catalogues & Personnel Directories

Creating people directories, and giving your users easy ways to search and filter, is a natural WordPress application.

Directory entries can then be related to articles in your news papers, course descriptions in your catalogues, and throughout the rest of your web content.

Course Catalogues are a surprisingly similar use case. Courses can be defined with all necessary data and then presented and organized in extremely helpful ways. Traditional systems limit how those courses can be shared with your wider web properties. Imagine presenting them in chronological order, ordered by dependency, grouped by program requirements and phase, or grouped by theme. By using an open platform that you own, course data can be used how your organization wants to use it – not how some third party thinks it should be used.

Journals, Clubs, Centers, and Student Blogs

Colleges, and universities have many moving parts. We repeatedly see sub organizations within higher ed spin off their own websites. These end up being of varying quality (mostly lousy), security liabilities, and a drain on internal IT resources for support.

WordPress can be used as a network to create websites for organizations that exist within your university, but are outside of your direct management. By doing this you can control brand consistency, quality, and security. Aside from the obvious gains in quality, you can offer an extremely valuable service back to your community. An easy to use, attractive, and feature rich website building service for your community creates amazing opportunities for your groups and sub-organizations to focus on their actual goals – not fight with web technologies.

By creating a centralized WordPress network to administer your community sites, you can get empower your students and organizations AND ensure a high quality, on brand, safe, and secure platform.